Help us cover the first week of school at Mac and you could possibly be featured on the MacJ Instagram page and be a winner in our Help MacJ Cover The First Week of School photo contest. We are looking for the best images in the following categories:

  1. My online classroom space — take an environmental portrait of you in your zoom zone. Let us see the space and you in it.
  2. First day fashion — Whether it’s dressy or casual (or something in between), show us a zoom view and a full-body view of your first day of school outfit. Best pair of pictures wins.
  3. Really long-distance learning — Are you checking into school while away from home on a trip somewhere far away? Let us know by sending us a picture that shows you attending class in that far-away place whether it’s Paris, Texas or Paris, France. We don’t care which.
  4. You and You Pet Co-Pilot – Is your family pet attending Zoom classes with you. Send us a posed or candid pic that shows a picture of you and your pet together doing First Day of School stuff.
  5. First Day of Senior year – Did you do something special to commemorate the first day of your senior year? Snap a pic of it and send it to us.
  6. Picture of your Pod Squad — Are you attending classes in a pod either at school or somewhere else? We’d love to see when, where and who.

Best picture in each category wins a $5 gift card or $10 off the purchase of a 2021 yearbook — your choice.

Send your pics to us through an Instagram direct message at @macjournalism or email them to

Thanks. Help us cover the start of this crazy school year and earn a cash prize. It’s a win-win-win.