Dear Austin ISD Families,

As we continue through the 2020-21 school year, we would like to remind you of the new digital safety measures that have been put in place this school year.

AISD makes every effort to ensure student safety and security when using district electronic tools. We have implemented new software systems that will monitor virtual meetings, block inappropriate sites, and alert us if it finds any communications relating to harm (self or otherwise). Each of our computers have a filtering software that also provides an additional layer of digital security and monitors online behavior.

We provide training for employees and students with emphasis on safe and ethical use. The training is designed to promote district standards and acceptable use of technology resources as set forth in the AISD Internet Safety Plan, Board of Trustees Policy, and our Acceptable Use Guidelines. Training promotes student safety in electronic communications, including the internet, appropriate online behavior also known as digital citizenship, and cyber bullying awareness and response.

Policies and additional information regarding monitoring systems can be found in the links below:

We ask families to partner with us in making sure that students understand how to properly use these digital resources. Suggestions for how to help are:

  • Ensure Austin ISD devices are being used for academic purposes.
  • Remind your student not to share login or password information with anyone.
  • Re-enforce safe internet browsing practices.
  • Explain to your students not to connect other devices such as cell phones or external drives to the AISD device.
  • Read the AISD Technology Policies.

If you have questions about our AISD digital tools or policies, please reach out to your campus administrator. Families can also submit questions through Let’s Talk – Student Safety Concerns (