This year’s student written musical is a fun filled, summer camp spectacular! In this retelling of the timeless story of two star crossed lovers, we join Olive, the new girl in camp, as she navigates a cabin rivalry, a vast amount of woods, and some highly stressed counselors! This story explores the world of social divides and acceptance through the eyes of young teens at a sleep-away camp. McCallum’s musical theatre class has been working on this production all year and it is entirely student written, directed, and produced! Come see the result of a year-long toil on Thursday, May 26, in the Fine Arts Building Theater. Free entry! All we ask is that you have fun and support future MacTheatre shows! For a sneak peak, check out a video reel of our rehearsal process, coming soon to the MacTheatre Youtube page! May 26, 2022- 6:00 p.m.