Tomorrow is a big day for us here at McCallum. We are taking on the challenge of calling every McCallum student. I am letting you know and asking that you answer any call that comes in tomorrow. Our goal is to make sure our students have what they need to learn online. We have some questions for parents and would like to touch base with students as well.

Making these calls is more complicated in this virtual world. Teachers may have to use the *67 code to keep their number confidential. This will likely look like a “No Caller ID” or spam number. Teachers may be using a Google Voice number and this will likely look like an out-of-state number (since all the 512 numbers are taken). Either way, the call will be from an unfamiliar number since we are calling from our homes. I know many people ignore numbers that aren’t in their address book. For tomorrow, please answer the phone if at all possible. We also anticipate we may have to stretch the calls into Wednesday. If you don’t get a call on Tuesday, please be on the lookout on Wednesday.

Thank you for your support in this. We are excited to connect with you and your student!


Nicole Griffith
Interim Principal
McCallum High School

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