Here are some frequent questions and answers concerning the district’s attendance policy as it pertains to COVID-19.
How do I request a VOE (Verification of Enrollment)?
Obtaining a VOE is a 24-hour process. Email with your request including student name and ID number. After requesting the form, you can retrieve it the next day any time after 9 a.m.  There is a box by the front doors where you enter school (front circle entrance) for pick up/drop off items. Your form will be in a sealed envelope with your name on it. Remember – The VOE is good for 30 days. If you received an “I” (incomplete) for any class during the spring semester you will not be eligible to receive the form.
How do I let my teacher know that I will not be there on a certain day?
Do not send a note/email on the day of an absence or before an absence has occurred.  Submitting in advance will not update the attendance. Submit documentation when the student is better and returns to school (virtual/on campus).
How do I turn in a sick/doctor note?
During virtual learning, notes may be emailed to Ms. Jackson, Attendance Specialist, at
What information should be on the sick/doctor note?
Written documentation must be provided for each absence within two (2) school days after the student returns to school (virtual/on campus). The note must have the student name (do not use nicknames), student ID number, date of absence, specific reason for absence(s) stating whether or not it was all day or just certain classes/periods during the day, a telephone number and signature of parent/guardian. An excused absence for a medical appointment will require documentation from a Health Care Professional with student name and the date of the appointment.
If I have an absence but I was in class, how will I get that changed?
To verify attendance for each class, please contact the teacher. The teacher should be able to clear up any attendance questions/concerns you may have.
NOTES: All attendance correspondence should include the student’s first and last name (no nicknames) and the student ID number.