Fine Arts Academy

Audition/ Portfolio Review Instructions

Auditions and Portfolio Reviews are by appointment only and are scheduled after all of the student’s application materials have been received and reviewed by the Academy office. The Fine Arts Academy office contacts parents about scheduling auditions/portfolio reviews.

Audition and Portfolio Review Schedule

*Audition is by invitation only.  In late January, you will register for a specific time slot on one of the audition dates available for your major.  We recommend clearing your schedule for all of the dates that auditions are taking place for your major NOW, just in case no additional slots are available on any given day.  You may be invited to audition in up to two majors. Specific times TBA – dates subject to change.

Band:  Monday, February 17th

Choral Studies:  Monday, February 17th

Cinematic Arts:  Monday, February 17th

Classical Guitar:  Monday, February 17th

Collaborative Piano:  Monday, February 17th

Dance:  Saturday, February 8th and Monday, February 17th

Orchestra:  Saturday, February 8th and Monday, February 17th

Performance Theatre:  Saturday, February 15th and Monday, February 17th

Technical Theatre:  Monday, February 17th

Visual Arts:  Saturday, February 8th, Saturday, February 15th and Monday, February 17th

Audition and Portfolio Review Requirements


  • Must perform a prepared and memorized solo (bring two copies of audition music).  Accompanist will be provided.  Recommended books from which to choose audition music are any of the Alfred Publishing “Folk Songs for Solo Singers” books
  • Be prepared to sight-read and to vocalize



  • Original digital film 2-5 minutes in length AND original 3-5 page narrative script.  In the film tell us about yourself without appearing in the film or narrating it.  You must shoot and edit the film yourself.  Be creative.  Digital film may be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo OR you may bring it with you on your laptop ro on a usb drive (usb film file should be H.264 or Mpeg2 formatted).  Script must be typed in proper screenplay format.



  • Perform two prepared pieces of contrasting styles (should be on UIL Class I solo repertoire lists or of equal difficulty)
  • Perform all major/harmonic minor scales (minimum two octaves in parallel motion); basic I-IV-V7-I chord progressions in all keys; simple transposition of a short melody with choral accompaniment
  • Sight-reading
  • Interview covering the applicant’s piano history will be included.



Students will participate in a group audition and an individual audition.

  • Group audition includes Ballet Barre, Modern Center, and Jazz combination.
  • For the individual portion, the student will prepare a 1-2 minute solo and complete a short interview.
  • Wear dance attire and hair up.  Please be prepared to dance without dance shoes or socks.  Ballet shoes optional for the ballet barre.
  • The prepared dance solo should be in the style of the dancer’s choice.  Please do not wear costumes.
  • Please provide your own music for the dance solo. Music is not required if the dancer wishes to dance in silence or acapella. Music for solo choreography should be loaded in an electronic device:  phone, ipod or ipad, etc that utilizes an AUX cord or bluetooth.  The safest method is to use a MP3 file located on the electronic device. Students can use YouTube or Spotify or other internet based music at their own risk as the directors cannot guarantee the internet connection on the campus. We do not have a CD player available in the audition.  Please make sure the device is fully charged previous to arrival at McCallum.  If the music does not work, the directors will ask the dancer to perform without music and it will not effect their standing in the audition.



  • Must perform a prepared solo
  • Bring instrument and two copies of audition music (percussionists, bring sticks/mallets only)
  • Band applicants, be prepared to play all 12 Major scales



Performance Theatre applicants:

  • Perform 2 memorized contrasting monologues from published plays (no Shakespeare). Combined time should not exceed 3 minutes.
  • You will also do a cold reading at the audition.


Technical Theatre applicants:

  • Interview; be prepared to answer questions on experience or interest in technical theatre and bring any applicable supporting materials (photographs, etc.), as well as discuss the 500-word essay submitted with the application materials.  Also, design and create a model of a set that would be representative of your favorite celebrity’s birthday party.


Musical Theatre Performance Certificate (add-on to a major): Student will choose and audition for a primary strand (Choral Studies, Performance Theatre, or Dance).  Those accepted will be given a list of additional musical theatre coursework.



Portfolio of MINIMUM 12-15 art pieces to include:

  • Examples of work from your middle school art classes, including 2D and 3D work
  • A self-portrait with shading
  • Drawings from observation (i.e. still-life, landscape, figure drawing, a pet)
  • Artwork and creative pieces completed outside of the school setting
  • Audition will include an interview and an on-site drawing assignment.

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