Fine Arts Academy

Application Information and Procedures

The Application Instructions PDF contains links, specific instructions, and other valuable information about the application and audition process.  Updated 11.6.19

The complete Application package includes: 

  • AISD Intent to Apply to a Magnet/Application Program for 2020-2021yr (complete early fall)
  • McCallum Fine Arts Academy Application for 2020-21yr (complete early fall)
  • Teacher Recommendations (ask teachers to be a reference/ collect their emails mid fall/ due January 24th through AISD app system)
  • Short Answers (due January 10th or anytime before)
  • Essay (due January 10th or anytime before)
  • Grade Reports (due January 10th or anytime before)


  1. ALL students who meet the criteria necessary to become a McCallum Fine Arts Academy major will be accepted. We will accept 80% of our incoming class using this acceptance criteria (see pdf pg 7-8).
  2. The McCallum Fine Arts Academy is being intentional in removing barriers so that all students have access to share their talents.  As such, 20% of our incoming class will be those prospects who meet at least 2 of 3 special circumstances (see pdf pg 7-8).

             Special Circumstance Characteristics

    1. Student will be in the first generation of their family to attend college.
    2. Student is zoned to a Middle School where the official population of students who qualify as economically disadvantaged is 50% or greater. (data sourced from AISD)
    3. Student belongs to a racial or ethnic group that is underrepresented in the Fine Arts Academy compared with the City of Austin demographic profile.

The McCallum Fine Arts Academy does not have rolling admissions.  If you enter the district after an admission’s cycle or miss a cycle for any reason, you will need to wait to apply until the next cycle.

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