Hello High School Parents and Students:

I am calling on you to help create community coloring pages for all our elementary kids who may be stuck inside. Each coloring page should be a positive expression of our community, a community memory, images of pride from a student’s elementary/middle school, or dreams of the future.

If you are interested, draw your coloring page on an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper (printer paper size), sharpie(thick or thin) over the lines, erase the pencil lines and scan or photograph the page. Send it to: jeffrey.seckarmartinez@austinisd.org  I will compile the images over the next week and send out a link for kids to find pages and color.

Students can also write their name, include a short paragraph on a separate page explaining the image and what their community means to them. They can also include their dreams, hopes, and wishes to kids coloring their page.

I want to send this out to anyone in Austin- I will do my best to put up all the images I receive, but I don’t know what the next couple of weeks will look like. Students can receive an hour of community service (if needed) by making a page.

Thanks to my amazing wife Angie (Ms. Seckar) for coming up with this incredible idea! And now… Draw! Create! and Celebrate each other!

-Mr. Martinez, McCallum HS ART