Fine Arts Academy Contacts

Academy Office

McCallum High School
5600 Sunshine Drive
Austin, Texas 78756
Fax: (512) 841-7319

Kalyse McElveen, Coordinator
Phone: (512) 414-7506

Stephanie Phillips, Administrative Support
Phone:  (512) 414-7533


Jeff Seckar-Martinez, Design, Drawing, Painting (contact for National Art Honor Society)
Phone: (512) 414-8064

Bill Cauthern, Art I, Design, Printmaking, Sculpture
Phone: (512) 414-8066

Mary Ghazi, Art I, Fibers, Jewelry (contact for Fashion Show)
Phone: (512) 414-8065

Carey West, AP Art History, Ceramics, Photography
Phone: (512) 414-2085


Ken Rogers, Instructor
Phone: (512) 414-0967


Brazie Adamez, Director (contact for National Honor Society for Dance
Phone: (512) 414-7569

Rachel Murray, Director (contact for National Honor Society for Dance Arts)
Phone: (512) 414-7569



Carol Ann Nelson, Head Band Director (contact for Jazz Band)
Phone: (512) 414-0963

Matt Ehlers , Band Director (contact for Percussion, Steel Drum and Samba)
Phone: (512) 414-0964

Jeff Rudy, Band Director (contact for AP Music Theory)
Phone: (512) 414-1979


Ricky Pringle, Head Orchestra Director (contact for Cello and Bass courses)
Phone: (512) 414-7565

Georgeanne Shockley, Orchestra Director (contact for Violin, Viola, and Harp courses)
Phone: (512) 414-7565

Classical Guitar

Andrew Clark, Director
Phone: (512) 841-7363

Music Theory/Piano

Kate Wiley, Instructor
Phone: (512) 414-8052

Vocal/Choral Music

Malcolm Nelson, Head Director (contact for First Edition)
(512) 414-8053

Ammon Taylor, Director (contact for Musical Theatre)
(512) 414-8053


Joshua Denning, Acting/Performance Theatre (contact for theatre ticket sales)
(512) 414-8061

Karn Severson, Technical Theatre

Ammon Taylor, Musical Theatre

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