College Visits

College representatives often visit the McCallum campus. Students get to learn first-hand about universities and meet someone who may review their application. Often, the reps meet with interested students in small groups to discuss topics such as the academic programs, campus life, financial aid and admission procedures of their college.

Juniors and Seniors may leave class to attend college visits. Students who add specific colleges in “colleges I’m applying to” in Naviance will be notified about college visits from those colleges, so it is important to enter those selections. Adding colleges to the “colleges I’m thinking about” area will NOT generate an invitation to the college visits.

The College Board, a mission-driven not-for-profit organization that connects students to college success and opportunity, gives six reasons for students to meet with college reps:

  1. Students have a chance, in their own town, to meet face-to-face with a rep and ask specific questions
  2. Students can let the college know they are seriously interested
  3. The reps are admission officers from the college, so students have a unique opportunity to make contact with a person who may be evaluating their application in the future
  4. The meeting provides students with a specific contact at the college to whom they can send questions
  5. Sometimes reps, particularly those from state universities, will give an early read on students’ transcripts, test scores and course selections during their visits. This helps students assess their fit at that institution and figure out what they can do to improve their chances of getting in
  6. It’s an opportunity for students to consider a college they hadn’t thought about that actually may be a good fit.

Upcoming College Visits

These can be found within Colleges tab within Naviance under the “view all upcoming college visits” link.

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