Below is the information that was covered during the PSAT/SAT Q & A.  If you have additional questions feel free to reach out to me your counselor.  Also, I am happy to meet with families one on one, just email me and we can set up a zoom.


ALL McCallum juniors have been signed up for both PSAT and SAT test to be hosted at McCallum. PSAT Jan 26, SAT is March 3. AISD already paid for ALL juniors to test. Just notify us if the student plans to physically come to McCallum to test. Here is the link for the PSAT

There is NO online version of either test at the moment.

To register for any other SAT date, go on

PSAT is:

  • A practice SAT
  • Does not get sent to colleges. Colleges buy score range from College Board and may send student recruiting material, but college does NOT know students PSAT score.
  • Is a timed test, which students are not familiar with so PSAT is a chance to experience a timed test.
  • Allows students to show college readiness for ACC class (480 CR and 530 math are college ready scores)
  • Allows students to earn National Merit Scholarship – note: only 3-8 students at McCallum qualify per class, it’s the top 99.0% scores in the whole USA.
  • Class of 2022 already sat for the PSAT in Oct 2019, so students should have one score

Students can practice for the SAT by logging onto College Board and Khan Academy; download the app and sign up for The SAT Question of The Day to become more familiar with SAT test questions.

Students will on average improve their PSAT score by anywhere from 50 to over 100 points more upon second PSAT or SAT

College readiness is also available with the online TSI testing, ask Coach Nitardy for this option.

College Admission was “test-optional” this year and will likely be again for the class of 2022- check college websites for any updates.

College admission review process:

  1. Review applicant’s transcript for challenging courses (Pre-AP, Honors, Dual Credit, AP and/or On Ramps); are grades improving? Is student continuing to enroll in challenging classes through senior year?
  2. Consider ACT or SAT scores, IF submitted
  3. Resume – commitment, community engagement, talent, etc…
  4. Essay – student’s personal story
  5. Teacher Rec Letters – teacher supporting student’s academic ability and character
  6. Counselor Rec Letter- Special circumstances, untold story, any additional info
  7. Demonstrated interest – meet admissions rep, follow college’s social media, visit campus, etc…

Coach Nitardy
Advance College Counselor
McCallum High School