Full scholarships are available to many of the students who sign up – we’ve provided more than 2,150 with scholarships so far!

We’re currently registering for our week-long intro course: Getting Started with AI. The signup deadline is July 5.

We focus on building Artificial Intelligence from scratch at AI Camp – it’s pretty awesome stuff – and along the way we teach students coding, with a bit of tech career advice here and there from some of the best minds at Stanford and Google. Our students see large improvements in their critical thinking, science, and math knowledge.

If you think students at McCallum Sr High PTSA can benefit from our scholarships, could you pass this to them?

“AI Camp (www.ai-camp.org) is offering full scholarships for their AI Getting Started with AI, we already provided scholarships to more than 2,150 students . This lecture series is the same series that offered at Stanford University and will introduce AI and careers in tech to you. No coding experience is needed. You can register it here: Getting Started with AI. The signup deadline is July 5. AI Camp is founded by Stanford PhDs”

For questions, please call Ana Alves at  (512)354-5593.