Austin ISD is a priority district for theses scholarships. College Board has give out lots of scholarships to AISD seniors already!  Juniors are now eligible as well. Multiple scholarships are awarded every month. Complete all 6 steps and you will be entered into the $40,000 scholarship drawing!

All juniors and seniors are now eligible to sign up and take action for College Board Opportunity Scholarships

Students can become eligible for these scholarships by taking action to plan, prepare, and pay for college:

Action Steps for Seniors

Seniors should focus on completing the last three actions in the scholarship program.

Last Call! The Improve Your Score Scholarship closes at the end of January.

Complete the FAFSA – $1,000 through February

  • Closes End of February
  • Seniors who fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) will earn an entry to this scholarship.
  • Note: Students who are legally ineligible to submit the FAFSA can still earn an entry for the scholarship by going to their My Action Plan page on the program website.

Apply to Colleges – $1,000 through February

  • Closes End of February
  • Students who apply to two or more colleges will earn an entry to this scholarship.

Action Steps for Juniors

Build Your College List – $500 through July

  • Open Through June
  • Students who create and save a college list on BigFuture™ with six or more schools will earn an entry to this scholarship.

Practice for the SAT – through October

  • Open Through October
  • Students who start using Official SAT® Practice on Khan Academy® by completing a Timed Mini Section (if they already have a PSAT-related assessment or SAT score) or Diagnostic Quiz (if they don’t yet have a score) will earn an entry to this scholarship.

Coach Nancy Nitardy
Advance College Counselor
McCallum High School