Can you believe you finished the first week of your last semester in high school?  Crazy how time is flying!

I have a few pieces of business to share as plans and good news begin to come in for each of you.  

1. No matter what your plans are post-high school, please let Mrs. Nix know.  Two year school, trade school, gap year, straight to work, military, four year university…we want to celebrate you!!!  Eventually, this will be on the Class of 2022 Wall of Fame in the main hallway of the school.

2. As you receive college acceptances, be sure you are changing Naviance to reflect the outcome.  You can do that by logging in to Naviance.  Choose Colleges I am Applying To.  Click on EDIT next to the particular school, then select the appropriate result (accepted, waitlisted, deferred, denied).

3. For scholarships received and merit aid earned, please please please send Mrs. Nix a copy of the email or screenshot the award and email it to me.  We track the dollars earned for Class of 2022 AND we include the information in the graduation program.  It’s another fun way to celebrate you!

SCHOLARSHIPS – There are many ways you can seek scholarship money to aid in your next steps – trade, two year, four year school.  In the google doc HERE, I have compiled a list of scholarships and put them in the order in which they are due.  I will update and edit as more opportunities arise. Other worthy sites are fastweb and College Board.  Seek help from me if you need it.  I don’t want financial burden to stand in the way of your dreams.

GO KNIGHTS CLASS OF 2022!!!!  You are the BEST!