We at AI Camp would like to offer full and partial scholarships to interested students at McCallum High School to learn about AI. We already provided scholarships to more than 700 students.

A bit more about AI Camp:

  1. AI Camp was founded by Stanford Ph.Ds, and our instructors are from Stanford and Carnegie Mellon University. Our mission is to bring AI education to all middle and high schools across the nation.
  2. Our AI curriculum is specially crafted for middle and high school students. In just one year, we have taught more than 2,000 students for this introductory class.
  3. Learning AI can spark students’ interest in learning about math, coding, critical thinking, and science. AI is the biggest technology tidal wave in our student’s lifetime.

If you think students at McCallum High School can benefit from our scholarships, could you pass this to them?

“AI Camp (www.ai-camp.org) is offering full and partial scholarships for their AI Conceptual Series, we already provided scholarships to more than 700 students . This lecture series is the same series that offered at Stanford University and will introduce AI and careers in tech to you. No coding experience is needed. You can register it here: www.ai-camp.org/free-lesson. AI Camp is founded by Stanford Ph.Ds and advised by a Stanford Professor and CTOs in Silicon Valley. “

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, phone:(512) 354-5593

Ana Alves
Co-founder and VP of Marketing at AI Camp