Below are the steps to take to be prepared to register for you summer ACC Dual Credit course.

You MUST have completed Steps 1-5 on, under the ACC link, BEFORE Monday to be able to register. 

For instructions on how to register, click on ACC Info Guide and view the second page that says “How To: Plan, Register and Pay” Make sure you get through Step 15 under Plan, Register and Pay. The class is FREE, but you have to pay for the books and/or other fees. Students have been dropped from a class for not paying the book fee, don’t let this be you.

Be prepared to register by having at least a first and second choice of sections to register, just in case your first becomes “C” Closed. To locate the course offerings, go to and Course Schedule, find the discipline and dates you plan to enroll. The courses that have “Restricted to Current AISD High School students” are for AISD students only. Other sections can have any ACC students enrolled, for example, your mom, dad, aunt or I could be in the class J Choose the dates that work best for you. Plan on studying at least 2 hours per day per class.

Some students have found helpful in choosing a section/professor. All classes will be online. Some may have a weekly virtual meeting, some may be strictly on blackboard. The professor should eventually have a syllabus posted with additional information about the course.

Steps to take to be prepared to register for you summer ACC Dual Credit course

For questions, please contact Coach Nitardy at 512-841-7315