Attendance Policy


McCallum’s attendance policy follows the Texas Education Code (TEC), which places a limit on the number of absences a student may have in order to receive credit for that class. All high school students must be in attendance for 90% of all class days each semester.

Attendance Credit

McCallum will NOT award credit for these absences: documented illness, home school suspension and immunization (non-compliant). However, with proper documentation, McCallum’s decision to award credit will not be affected by excused and unexcused tardies, medical appointments (documented with a healthcare professional during school hours), school and UIL-related field trips, holy days, college visits, in-school suspension, testing and court.

When a student’s attendance drops below 90%, but remains at least 75% of the number days the class is offered, the student may earn credit for the class by making up absences as approved by the principal. Your Assistant Principal can answer questions about absences.

Leaving Campus Early

Leaving campus without a permit will be documented as a class cut and is unexcused and may be subject to disciplinary action. Students who need to leave early must have a note/email from a parent/guardian. The student is required to get an official “Permit to Leave School” (Pink Slip) from the main office. A second note verifying the reason the student left campus and the original pink slip to leave is required within two (2) school days after returning. Permits to leave will ONLY be issued prior to 9 a.m., during lunch and during the passing period.

Don’t want to wait in line? Send your student to school with a note from you if they are leaving for an appointment. If they bring it to the office before school or during lunch before they leave, we can issue them their “pink slip” permit which they show their teacher at the time they need to leave. That way, you don’t need to come inside and your student can leave without coming into the office to check out.

Absence Documentation

A student may be absent from school with documented absences. Documented absences include: appointments with any healthcare professional, legal consultations, court appearances, illnesses/hospital confinements, religious holy days, approved mentorship activities for the Distinguished Achievement Program and participation in the Medicaid EPSDT Program. Proper documentation from the appointment will be necessary for the absence to be excused.

Students must provide written documentation for each absence within two (2) school days after the student returns to school. The parent is responsible for communicating, in writing, a note/email which must include:

  • current date
  • student’s correct first and last name (do not use nicknames)
  • date of absence
  • specific reason for absence(s)
  • a telephone number where parent/guardian may be contacted
  • parent/guardian signature

To ensure that the attendance is posted for the correct student, it will be helpful to specify whether or not the absence was all day or which classes/periods were missed. Students may not write their own notes. A phone call does not replace the need for written documentation. Students should bring their notes to the main office each morning prior to 9:00 a.m.

Track absences on the parent cloud.

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